The SBS Collection

Lovetone-Flanger-tn ?: The Flanger With No Name

spaceships and assorted single-engined air transport

EAR_ad4096-delay-tn AD4096 Analog Delay

Flexible and unique analog delay.

ADA.Flanger90s.SBSreference_tn ADA Flanger

90’s reissue of the late 70’s classic

DOD_AmericanMetal_tn American Metal

DOD’s first “modern” distortion and competitor of the HM-2.

Abominable Electronics Anxious Echo SBS_tn Anxious Echo

A combination echo and vintage style octave fuzz

Ibanez BiChorus SBS Reference_tn Bi-Mode Chorus BCL

Two independent LFOs

DeviEver.LegendOfFuzz_tn BIT -The Legend of Fuzz

While not a bit crusher it can produce some 8-bitish gnarlyness.

Alesis-Bitrman_tn Bitrman

Bit Crusher, Ring Modulator, Dual Phasor and other signal morphing effects

News item Black Cat Guitar Rangebooster

A modern, NOS take on the Range Master Treble Booster

BlackstoneMosfet_tn Blackstone Mosfet Overdrive

A distortion that re-shapes the body of the note, instead of coating it with a noisy fizz.

SnK.Bodybreaker_tn Bodybreaker

Jfet boosted op amp drive with MOSFET clipping

Fuzzrocious Bongripper SBS Reference_tn Bongripper V2

Collaboration between Fuzzrocious and Bongripper.

JHS Cheeseball_tn Cheese Ball

JHS pays tribute to the Lovetone Big Cheese

News item DelayLab

Feature packed! With 30 different delay types

Digitech-PDS1002_tn Digitech PDS Delays

80’s digital delay

EQD Dirt Transmitter-tn Dirt Transmitter

a dual transistor crumbling fuzz tone device

EQD Disaster Transport-tn Disaster Transport

an analog voiced digital delay with modulation control

EQD Disaster Transport Jr-tn Disaster Transport Jr.

an “anti-modern” analog voiced digital delay

Lovetone.Doppelganger_tn Doppelganger

a mesmerising twin oscillator phaser/vibrato from the UK

Dude+Incredible EAE_tn Dude Incredible

Inspired by the iconic guitar tone of Steve Albini/Shellac

Mr_Black_Eterna-tn Eterna Reverberator

Reverb with shimmery octave trails

FenderBlenderVintage_tn Fender Blender

An intense late fuzz w/ octave up and clean blend.

Fulltone-Fulldrive2_tn Full-Drive2

Aqua overdrive w/ push-pull compression

FuzzMasterGeneral_tn Fuzz Master General

New take on the vintage Ace Tone Fuzz Master FM-2/Super Fuzz octave fuzz.

DOD.FX25.Envelope.SBSref_tn FX 25 Envelope Filter

The classic green Auto-Wah

NEA-Tone Source Two_Stealth-tn Garvy J. Tone Source 2 “Stealth”

A rich harmonic wall of distortion

Gibson 12 string-tn Gibson Firebird XII (V-12)

a rare ‘bird from our personal collection

Universal Audio Golden Reverb_tn Golden Reverberator

Digital Models of 3 classics: Tube Spring, Plate 140, Hall 224

Gretsch Traveling Wilburys-tn Gretsch Traveling Wilburys TW100T

Light, easy to play, colorful with twang in spades.

Blackmer Guitar Star_tn Guitar Star

Noise gate w/ unique envelope shaping capabilities

EAE Halberd_tn Halberd

medium-gain device with the harmonic fullness and grind of a higher-gain pedal Headrush E1

Digital delay and looper that can simulate a 4 head tape echo

Abominable.GCI.Hellsatche_tn HELLSTACHE v2

HELLSTACHE v2 Collab. w/ God City)

EAE Hypersleep SBS Reference_tn Hypersleep

a solid-state analog reverberator w/ a dark, fluttery decay

Euthymia ICBM fuzz SBS Reference_tn ICBM Fuzz

Mid 2000’s interpretation of the IC Big Muff

Ionostrofear_tn Ionostrofear

A thick, massive fuzz descended from the Muff bloodline.

GCI jugendstil_tn JUGENDSTIL

‘90s British shoegaze meets ‘90s Swedish death metal

SBS EQD LifePedal_tn Life Pedal V1

An octave fuzz inspired by the Shin-Ei FY2 & FY6 units leads the circuit into a LM308 brutal rodent big box distortion,

Keeley Loomer SBS Ref_tn Loomer

Wall of Fuzz

Ibanez Metal Charger SBS Reference_tn Metal Charger MS10

A late 80’s/early 90’s take on cranked British amps

BlackstarMetal_tn Metal Valve Distortion

A two channel, ultra high gain, filth machine with a tube (valve) in it!

Moog.RingMod.SBS_tn MF-102 Ring Modulator

conjures beautiful tremolo effects or create bizarre and robotic resonations.

Lone Wolf Minotaur_tn Minotaur

Klon inspired overdrive with the Lone Wolf touch

EQD Monarch-tn Monarch

an all discrete, FET based dirt machine Moon Canyon

A collaboration w/ Noveller

Vintage 1962 Fender Jaguar Mutated 1962 Fender Jaguar

A 1962 Jaguar that mutated to something more.

MV50_tn MV50_AC

Classic chime and crunch with Nutube tech

News item NuVibe

Fumio Mieda reinvents the Univibe.

Anasounds Phaser SBS Reference_tn Phase Lag

An organic, psychedelic, atmospheric vintage phaser

News item Pink Beard

Modern, high-gain transistor fuzz

soundtasting-tn Reference Library

  323 Effects/Pure Salem Pink Beard Fuzz    High Gain Transister Fuzz A/DA Flanger (90’s reissue) Abominable Electronics  Anxious Echo (Coliseum Sig.)    Fuzz/Delay Alesis (ModFx)  Bitrman Phlanger Arion    Digital Delay /Sampler DDS-1    Digital Delay Black Cat OD-1 Blackout Effectors Mantra (Ltd […]

T-Rex-Replicator_tn Replicator Tape Echo

The goal was to make a tape echo unit that could nail the sound quality of the old echo units, but surpass them in features.

PushPull SanB_tn San Bernadino

Hand wired overdrive from Boston based builder/Blue Man Group shredder

EAE Sending SBS Reference_tn Sending

EAE upends the world of analog delay

Mooer-ShimVerb-tn ShimVerb

Compact digital reverb with shimmer.

Damelectro Sitar Swami_tn Sitar Swami

A kaleidoscopic mix of octave, flange, and fuzz

News item Sound Projector 25

a low wattage amp with full spectrum tone.

Sovtek_Mig50-tn Sovtek Mig 50

Russian-made 50 watt tube badass.

News item Space Echo RE-201

The legendary Space Echo tape delay.

Dano Spring King_tn Spring King

Real spring reverb with a kick pad for thunderous crashes.

TYM Teenage Fanboost SBS Reference_tn Teenage Fanboost

A linear boost w/ a 6 way frequency selector switch developed for Teenage Fanclub

News item Tera Echo TE-2

a dynamic stereo ambience effect that goes far beyond traditional delay

ampwall_tn The Proving Ground

This is where we test pedals. You can too.

DOD Thrash Master-tn Thrash Master FX59

A high-gain, hot pink monster!

Paul C Tim SBS Reference_tn Tim

natural sounding drive w/ interesting pre/post gain eq

News item Time Shadows

sub-harmonic delay resonator

Maxon True Tube Booster-tn True Tube Booster/OD TBO-9

warm and powerful like a hard-working tube-amp

CI Parachute-tn Tychobrahe Parachute

a painstaking re-creation of the classic ’70s Tycobrahe Parapedal

CI Pedalflanger-tn Tycobrahe Pedalflanger

a faithful recreation of one of the rarest pedals ever made

News item Wata Fuzz

velvet wrapped fuzz inspired by Boris guitarist Wata.

Native Audio Wilderness_tn Wilderness 1.5

an analog-voiced delay with up to 1000 milliseconds of delay time

Lovetone Wobulator

Stereo Tremolo/Pan

News item Wombtone MKII

smooth phase tones w/ endless possibilities