Reference Library


We have collected an assortment of effects to serve as a reference library of sorts. By no means a comprehensive representation of the effects world. This is a modest, motley mix of personal favorites, customer requests, as well as sheer curiosity. Because some things are worth hearing first hand. From the out of production to the often hyped to the “why-the-hell-not?” there are some interesting items here for those so inclined to open their ears.

These effects, are not for sale but are available by special request for effects consultations and virtual sound tastings.


Brand Name Type
323 Effects/Pure Salem Pink Beard Transister Fuzz
A/DA Flanger Flanger (90’s Reissue)
Abominable Electronics Anxious Echo (Coliseum Sig.) Octave Fuzz/Delay
Abominable Electronics Demon Lung Fuzz (FZ-2 Inspired)
Abominable Electronics/GCI Hellstache Overdrive (Collab. w/ God City)
Akai Headrush V1 Looper/ “Tape” Delay
Alesis Ampliton (ModFx) Tremolo and Auto Pan
Alesis Bitrman (ModFx) Decimator, Bit Crusher, Ring Mod., Comb Filter
Alesis Phlanger (ModFx) Flanger
AMT Electronics Japanese Girl WH-1 Wah -mini
Anasounds Phase Lag Phaser
Arion DDS-1 Digital Delay /Sampler
Black Cat OD-1 “Freddie Fuzz” Fuzz
Black Cat Mini-Trem Tremolo
Blackcat Guitar Rangebooster Treblebooster
Blackmer Audio Design Guitar Star Noise Gate/Boost
Blackout Effectors Mantra (Ltd Ed. Black on Black) Overdrive
Blackstar HT Metal Tube Distortion
Blackstar HT Reverb Tube Reverb
Blackstone Appliances Mosfet Overdrive 2SV3 Overdrive
Boss Blues Driver BD-2 Overdrive
Boss Combo Drive BC-2 Overdrive
Boss Delay DM-2W Waza Craft Analog Delay
Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
Boss Digital Pitch Shifter/Delay PS-3 Digital Pitch Shifter/Delay
Boss FS-5U Non Latching Footswitch
Boss Heavy Metal HM-2 High Gain Distortion
Boss Hyper Metal HM-3 High Gain Distortion
Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor
Boss PSM-5 Power Supply/Master Switch
Boss Space Echo RE-2 Delay & Reverb
Boss Space Echo RE-20 Delay & Reverb
Boss Synthesizer SY-1 Synthesizer
Boss Super Phaser PH-2 Phaser
Boss Super Shifter PS-5 Pitch Shifter
Boss Terra Echo TE-2 Delay
Caroline Guitar Company KiloByte Lo-Fi Delay
Caroline Guitar Company Meteore Lo-Fi Reverb
Celestial Effects Wah the Fuzz? (Cancer) Fixed Wah + Fuzz
Celestial Effects Super Boost (Scorpio) Boost
Chandler Tube Driver Overdrive, Distortion
Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl Hi-Fi Chorus, Vibrato
Chase Bliss Wombstone MKII Phaser
Colorsound Wow Fuzz -Stu Castledine Fuzz & Wah
Colorsound Supa Tonebender (1974) Fuzz
Danelectro Combo Pack: Pastrami OD
Milkshake Chorus
Corned Beef Reverb
T-Bone Distortion
Bacon & Eggs Mini Amp/Distortion
Danelectro Fab Tone DD-1 Distortion
Danelectro Spring King DSR-1 Reverb
Danelectro Sitar Swami Octave, Distortion, Flange
Devi Ever FX Legend of Fuzz Fuzz
Devi Ever FX Shoegazer Fuzz
Digitech PDS 1000 Digital Delay
Digitech PDS 1002 Two Second Digital Delay
Digitech PDS 1550 Programmable Distortion
DOD American Metal FX56 Distortion
DOD Delay 585 Delay
DOD FX25 Envelope Filter
DOD Gonkulator (2015 Reissue) Ring Modulator
DOD Meatbox Sub Synth (2015 Reissue) Sub-Harmonic Synth
DOD Stereo Chorus 565 Chorus
DOD Thrash Master FX59 Distortion
DOD FX-17 Wah-Volume
DMB Pedals Lunar Echo Analog BBD Delay
Dr. No Moon Canyon (collaboration w/ Noveller) Overdrive/Reverb/Delay
Dr. Scientist Sunny Day Delay V2 Delay
Dunlop CryBaby: Jarry Cantrell Signature Wah
Dwarfcraft Bit Mangler Joystick Controlled Fuzz
Dwarfcraft Eau Claire Thunder (Boris Pink 25th anniv. ltd ed.) Fuzz
Dwarfcraft Great Destroyer Oscillator, Fuzz
Dwarfcraft She Fuzz (etched warror graphic) Fuzz
Dwarfcraft/Devi Ever Silver Rose Fuzz
EarthQuaker Devices Black Ash Fuzz
EarthQuaker Devices Chrysalis Overdrive Overdrive
EarthQuaker Devices Crimson Drive Overdrive
EarthQuaker Devices Dirt Transmitter Fuzz
EarthQuaker Devices Disaster Transport Jr Delay
EarthQuaker Devices Dream Crusher Fuzz
EarthQuaker Devices Life Pedal Sunn O))) V1 Octave Distortion + Booster
EarthQuaker Devices Monarch Overdrive
EarthQuaker Devices Terminal Fuzz
EarthQuaker Devices Time Shadows (Collaboration w/ Death By Audio) Delay
EarthQuaker Devices Pitch Bay Pitch Shifter/Harmonizer
Electronic Audio Experiments 0xEAE Boost (collaboration w/ Obstructions) Boost
Electronic Audio Experiments Dude Incredible (IVP/Percolator) Distortion
Electronic Audio Experiments Halberd v1 Overdrive
Electronic Audio Experiments Hypersleep v1 BBD Analog Reverb
Electronic Audio Experiments Sending BBD Analog Delay
Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress (Big Box Reissue) Flanger
Electro Harmonix Freeze Sound Retainer
Electro Harmonix LPB-1 Power Booster (Vintage/Plug-In) Boost
Electro Harmonix Small Stone EH4800 (Vintage) Phaser
Electro Harmonix Sovtek Big Muff Pi (Green) Fuzz
Emma Electronics Stink Bug SB-1 Overdrive
Endangered Audio Research AD4096 Analog Delay
Ernie Ball Ambient Delay Delay
Euthymia ICBM Fuzz Fuzz: IC OpAmp Muff
Eventide H9 Core Multi-Effects
Fender Fender Blender (Vintage) Octave Fuzz
Fender Starcaster Chorus
Friday Club ED-450b (Green) Echo
Friday Club Fuzwami (Orange) Fuzz
Fulltone Clyde Wah Wah
Fulltone Fat Boost Clean Boost
Fulltone Full-Drive 2 Overdrive, Distortion
Fulltone OCD Overdrive, Distortion
Fulltone Supa-Trem2 Stereo Tremolo
Fuzzrocious 420 Fuzz Fuzz
Fuzzrocious Bongripper v2 Parallel Distortion
Fuzzrocious Heliotropic Fuzz (Handpainted art) Fuzz
Fuzzrocious Ram the Man Parts Oscillator, Boost
Fuzzrocious Tremorslo Tremolo
Fuzzrocious Zuul  
Godcity Instruments JUGENDSTIL w/ “SUB” control Fuzz
Godcity Instruments Reptilian (Collab w/ S&K) Fuzz
Godcity Instruments SBD Fuzz
Greenhouse Effects Retro Sky Delay w/Phaser
Gretsch Playboy – HF Modulator Rig Mod.
Guyatone FR3000V Tube Reverb Unit
Guyatone PS-011 Distortion Sustainer
Hovercraft Ionostrofear Fuzz
Ibanez AD-9 (Keeley Modded) Analog Delay
Ibanez BCL Bi-Mode Chorus Chorus
Ibanez Metal Charger MS10 Distortion
Ibanez Tube King TK999US Overdrive
Ibanez Tube Screamer Classic TS10 Overdrive
Ibanez Tube Screamer SoundTank TS5 Overdrive
JHS Calhoun Hand Painted Custom/Sweetwater Ltd Ed. Fuzz/Overdrive
JHS Cheeseball (Lovetone Big Cheese clone) Fuzz
Joyo Ace Tone (AC30 emulator) Boost/Distortion
Klon LLC KTR Overdrive
Klon LLC Centaur v2 (Silver. Non-Horsie) Overdrive
Korg Miku Stomp Defies classification
Korg Nuvibe -Univibe reissue/re-imagined Vibrator/Chorus
Korg PHS-1 Phaser
Korg Pitchblack Tuner
Little Bear Woolly Mammoth “Clone” Fuzz
Lone Wolf Audio Left Hand Wrath High Gain Distortion (HM-2)
Lone Wolf Audio Minotaur (Klon Clone) Overdrive
Lovetone Brown Source Overdrive
Lovetone ? (Flanger with No Name) Flanger
Lovetone Doppelganger Phaser/Vibrato
Lovetone Meatball Envelope Filter
Lovetone Wobulator Tremolo/Vibrator
Maestro EP-3 Echoplex Tape Echo
Maestro MFZ-1 (Moog) Fuzz
Maestro Stage Phaser Phaser
Malekko Spring Chicken (Blue) Reverb
Marshall Shredmaster Distortion
MASF Wata Fuzz Fuzz
Maxon Overdrive Pro OD-820 Overdrive
Maxon True Tube Booster/Overdrive TBO9 Boost, Overdrive
Mesa Engineering V-Twin Preamp Two-Channel Distortion
Mid-Fi Button Wah Wah
Mid-Fi Pitch Pirate (Big Box. Hand painted pirate art) Vibrator/Delay
Mid-Fi Psych Byke custom blue paint. SN#2 Fuzz
Mid-Fi Triangle/Ram’s Head Muff Clone? Fuzz
Mid-Fi VB-2 Clone Vibrato
Montreal Assembly Count to Five Delay, Sampler
Mooer Lofi Machine Bit Crusher
Moog Moogerfooger MF-102 Ring Modulator
MXR MX-117 Flanger
MXR Slash Octave Fuzz SF01 Octave Fuzz (down)
MXR MX-134 Stereo Chorus
Native Audio Wilderness V1.5 Delay
NEA Garvy J “Stealth” Tone Source 2 Distortion
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Dark Star Pad Reverb
PaulC Audio Tim Overdrive
Peavey CSR-2 Compressor/Sustainer
ProCo Rat (mid 90’s) (Woodcutter) Distortion
ProTone Pedals Jason Becker Signature Distortion
Push+Pull Pedals San B Handwired Hi Gain Overdrive
Push+Pull Pedals Triton (SE) (Best Buddies) Fuzz
Push+Pull Pedals Triton (SE) Special Ed. (big box) Fuzz
Red Witch Empress Chorus
Red Witch FuzzGod Fuzz
Red Witch Deluxe Moon Phaser Phaser
Red Witch Seveb Sisters: Eve Tremolo
Red Witch Seven Sisters: Grace Compressor
Red Witch Seven Sisters: Ivy Distortion
Red Witch Seven Sisters: Lily Boost
Red Witch Seven Sisters: Ruby Fuzz
Red Witch Seven Sisters: Scarlet Overdrive
Red Witch Seven Sisters: Violet Delay
Red Witch Titan Triple Delay
Reuss Recidivist (Chris Brokaw Signature) Oerdrive/Boost
Roland Phase II AP-2 Phaser
Roland RE-201 Space Echo Tape Echo & Spring Reverb
Shin-ei Hurricane/Siren/Surf/Tornado Wah, Siren, White Noise Generator
S&K Pedals Bodybreaker Distortion
Solidgold FX Stutter Lite Tremolo
Source Audio Vertigo Tremolo
Strymon Blue Sky Reverberator
Strymon Brigadier dBucket Delay
Strymon Deco Tape Saturation, Echo
Supro 500R Reverb Unit (1961) Tube Reverb
T-REX Replicator Tape Echo
TC Electronics Hall of Fame V1 Reverb
Tech21 YYZ (Geddy Lee Signature SansAmp) Bass PreAmp
Tokai TDS-1 Distortion
Tube Works Real Tube Overdrive
Tym Guitars Engine of Ruin Distortion
Tym This Machine Kills Fascists Distortion
Tym Teenage Fanboost Boost
Universal Audio Golden Reverberator Reverb
Vox Delay Lab Delay
Wren and Cuff Box of War Fuzz: “Civil War” Inspired Muff
Zero G Black Lives Matter OD Overdrive
Zvex Woolly Mammoth Moon/Night Sky (NAMM 2016 handpainted) Bass Fuzz