• Mid-Riff Podcast

    Jen & I are guests on the latest episode of Mid-Riff, Episode #57. Hilary Jones is super knowledgeable when it comes to music gear and creating inclusive communities. It was an honor to be invited on her podcast. It is always a joy talking gear with her. I always learn something new and awesome.

    Take a listen on the web on via your platform.


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  • New England Synthfest Poster. For OCT. 29TH 2022. in Burlington, MA

    The next great big New England Synth Fest is coming up on Saturday, October 29, 12pm to 6pm. Taking place at the Microsoft Technology Center, 5 Wayside Road, Burlington, Mass. A full day of great electronic music and visualization artists, along with lectures, exhibitors, and vendors. There’s even a build-a-Jarmaggedon workshop. Twelve performances! Ten lectures! Check out the NESF website for more details.
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  • Souldier Straps!

    A new batch of Souldier straps and cuffs have arrived.

    Souldier 1.5inchCuffs.Arp

    Souldier Crop Circles Orange Strap

    Souldier Skinny Saddle LTD ED Colorful

    Souldier Stained Glass Strap

    Souldier Tetons Purple Strap

    Souldier Woodstock Red Strap

    Souldier is an independent design manufacturer, fusing aesthetic textile creation with functionality. Their unique merchandise is inspired by musicians and created for the connoisseur looking to express their inner spirit.

    Their products are handmade in the USA.

    Check out our online store to order.

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  • Revenge of EarthQuaker Day

    Graphic announcing EarthQuaker Day. On Saturday August 6th 2022. Image depicts a frightened couple looking up at a large the large EarthQuaker Devices "OctoSkull" logo.

    We will be vending at EarthQuaker Day! In Akron Ohio!

    It’s the first in-person EarthQuaker Day celebration since 2019. Vendor, pedal clinics and more. And let me tell you, there is one heck of a line-up. for the clinic/demos. For starters,  harpist Emily Hopkins and EQD Founder Jamie Stillman!

    We’ll be brining some of our favorite effects, focused heavily on Massachusetts based builders. If you are in the area c’mon by. It’s a free event. Plenty of effects-centric fun for all!


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  • LOE Sounds

    Reinventing classic fuzzes and forging original designs from salvaged and up-cycled components. Aisha & Fiona are two female artists at the heart of California based LOE Sounds. We are very happy to be able to share their work with you.


    LOE Electra crop_webLOE Superfuzz_crop


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  • Cheese Ball

    JHS Cheeseball_webJHS pays tribute to the Lovetone Big Cheese.


    From the JHS Website:

    The Cheese Ball has your standard Volume, Gain, and Tone knobs found on most distortion fuzz boxes, but comes with an extra mode selector knob that gives you four different overall tone and gain selections.  In the “off” position, the Tone knob is disengaged, giving you a bright and trashy fuzz/distortion sound. In the “1” position you have a mid-scooped sound that will give you a Big Muff style buzz for a rounded sound reminiscent of fine mozzarella that sits just right on your pizza but doesn’t get in the way. The “2” position is a mid-boost sound that will cut through a mix like a hot knife through Velveeta. Finally, the “3” position gives you a biting, gated fuzz tone that, when cranked, spits, spats, and bites like gorgonzola naturale.

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  • BBG Launch Party: April 21st 2022

    2020.04.21 BeatsByGirls.RecordCo.

    2022.04.21 BeatsByGirls.LineUp

    Join Beats By Girlz as they celebrate the launch of their Boston chapter on Thursday, April 21st at The Record Co. This open house will include live music from 1800shortking and dolltr!ck, tours of The Record Co. and Beats By Girlz workshop demos, pop-ups by ARPS4ALL Project by the Alan R Pearlman Foundation, Stompbox Sonic (That’s us!!!), Women In Music Boston and GRCB, plus a live panel at 7:00pm moderated by Victoria Wasylak (Vanyaland) featuring DJ Slick Vick, DJ WhySham, and Michele Darling (Berklee). All are welcome to join us, please bring proof of vaccination.

    Beats by Girlz is a non-profit that has over 35 chapters world wide. That exists to help close the gender gap in music and technology for women, girls, and gender-expansive people. Learn more at on their website and follow us @beatsbygirlzboston and @beatsbygirlz.

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  • Music Collectibles Extravaganza

    MCE flyer V4 April 2022

    We are very excited to be vending at the Music Collectibles Extravaganza in Boxborough this coming April.

    Stompbox Sonic will have a booth Saturday & Sunday (April 9th & 10th).

    So many great guests and vendors. Personally, we can’t wait to catch a screening of the Fanny documentary.

    Check the event website to purchase tickets and for more info on the line-up.

    Records, 45s, LPs, CDs, Video, Posters, Books, Magazines, Cassettes, Memorabilia, Collectibles

    Guitars, Drums, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Pedals, Amps, Gear, Pro Audio

    This event will feature Celebrities signing autographs, offering photo ops and Karaoke (each for a fee),

    plus musical performances and other music programming.

    It’s all going down at the:
    Boxboro Regency Hotel
    242 Adams Place
    Boxborough, MA 01719

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