Keyword: delay


450 millseconds of the most transparent analog delay sound ever available in a stompbox format


vintage style, modulating delay with the flexibility to control 5 parameters via control voltage jacks.


soften the mood with the syncopation of multi-tap delay and the
gentle embrace of ambient reverb.

Analog Delay AD10

Up to 600ms of analog delay in a compact enclosure.

Belle Epoch Deluxe

Faithfully reproducing the original EP-3 specifications part for part except with a 24-bit high-fidelity digital delay line taking the place of the tape cartridge.


Bucket brigade analog delay pedal with tap tempo.

Bicycle Delay

a physical manifestation of the experience of consciousness

Black Fountain

emulating the sounds of the famed and elusive “oil can delay” units


A delay with it is pseudo-random scratched disc, stuttery, and glitchy behaviors.

Dark Echo

Endless, rich echoes which get progressively darker and thicker

Delay Workstation

Dual High End DSP Delay/Reverb with Tap Temp

Digitech PDS Delays

80’s digital delay

Disaster Transport

an analog voiced digital delay with modulation control

Disaster Transport Jr.

an “anti-modern” analog voiced digital delay

Disaster Transport SR

Advanced modulated delay & reverb machine.


A phaser with a delay inside.


540ms of delay time in a mini enclosure w/ Igor expression pad.


All the goodness of the Binson Echorec squeezed into a standard sized stompbox and with expanded capabilities


Spanning the gambit of known delay possibilities and beyond.


This little guy doesn’t just climb the walls, he bounces off of them as well.

Headrush E1

Digital delay and looper that can simulate a 4 head tape echo


A dark echo with an FX loop


It’s delay. Into modulation. And it’s weird.

Moon Canyon

A collaboration w/ Noveller

Nova Delay ND-1

6 delay types & 2290 MS of delay time.


From radical pitch and delay modulation to shimmering repeats to stutter/glitch sounds

Particle 2

3 granular delay modes. 3 pitch modes


Super-Modulated multiple tap delay


a digital delay with a pitch shifter integrated into the feedback loop.

RE-20 Space Echo

The Roland RE-201 Space Echo, has been reborn as the BOSS RE-20 Twin Pedal!

Red Panda Now In Stock!

Red Panda effects are now in stock! All the way from Detroit, MI to Boston, MA. Assembled in a building that formerly served as a Model T showroom (the automobile, not the amplifier). We have the Raster Pitch Shifting Delay, […]


Realistic simulations of spaces, as well as never-before-heard surreal ambiances are represented with stunning sound quality. And….it’s got a beer mode!


EAE upends the world of analog delay

Space Echo RE-201

The legendary Space Echo tape delay.

Space Spiral

a dark and dreamy modulated delay

T-120 Deluxe

Inspired by the garbled audio that accompanies worn-out and poorly aged budget bin video tape


live reverse and tape stop effects, pitch shifting, time stretching

Tera Echo TE-2

a dynamic stereo ambience effect that goes far beyond traditional delay

Vintage Modified Superdelay

Tap tempo, 2.8 Seconds of Delay Time , 8 modes, an 11 second looper and more.

Wilderness 1.5

an analog-voiced delay with up to 1000 milliseconds of delay time