Black Cat Rangebooster

Chris from Black Cat Guitars has been repairing and restoring stringed instruments in the Boston area since 1999. He custom winds his own pick-ups to get the old-school Kalamazoo & ‘Tron tones. Two or three times a year he’ll assemble his take on the Rangemaster, the Black Cat Rangebooster.

Chris made this unit for us in May 2021. It features a clickable three way tone control with NOS .0047, .02, .01 capacitors. One position for the classic Rangemaster Treble Booster, one for that darker Iommi sound, and one voiced to Black Cat’s personal preference. A NOS Mullard OC42 germanium transistor, vintage knobs and a vintage glass amp jewel. And that exquisite long form enclosure!

Black Cat Rangebooster Guts




Price: $NFS- Reference Library
Manufacturer: Black Cat Guitar
Voltage: 9V Battery
Color: Hammered Silver