The Proving Ground

Proving Ground August 2020

The Proving Ground is where many of our Sound Tasting/Effects Consultations occur.¬†Sometimes you need to hear things at proper rock n’ roll volumes to know if its going to get you your sound. We have a number of amplifiers available for trying out effects. Tubes, Solid State and hybrids we got em.

*Updated August 2020*

Ampeg V4 Tube Head. w/ Reverb & Master Volume
Ampeg V4-B Tube Head
Ampeg V6-B Solid State Head
Ampeg  SVT Micro VR head 200w Solid State
Bedrock 1400 (EL34)
Bedrock BC-75 (EL34)
EarthQuaker Devices Sound Projector 25
Epiphone Valve Jr Tube Head (EL84)
Fender Champion 600
Fender Showman Head 1964/65 (6L6)
Fender Twin Reverb 70’s (6L6)
Fender Custom Vibrolux Reverb
Hovercraft Andromeda
Marshall 1960 4×12″ cabinet
Orange Micro Terror Head -Dark
Peavey Classic 400w Tube Bass Head
Sovtek Mig 50 Tube Head
Sunn Beta Lead Solid State Head
Vox MV-50 AC Nu-Tubr

SBS Bass Rig Sunn+Ampeg

AmpWallOct16_500Jen holding court October 2017


SBSAmpWallAug2016bAmp wall circa 2016