Keyword: distortion

“Jane Doe” Box of Metal

a one of a kind hand painted version of ZVEX’s heaviest-sounding pedal

112+ Drive Channel

The ultimate stacking preamp, vintage drive, booster, distortion, and much more

American Metal

DOD’s first “modern” distortion and competitor of the HM-2.


From subtle tube type grind, to all out crunch


fractional bit reduction and sample rate modulation

Blackstone Mosfet Overdrive

A distortion that re-shapes the body of the note, instead of coating it with a noisy fizz.


Jfet boosted op amp drive with MOSFET clipping

Bongripper V2

Collaboration between Fuzzrocious and Bongripper.

Box of Metal

a massive amount of distortion with a very effective noise-silencing gate

Cat King

The infamous rodent reborn

Cat Tail

Rodent inspired low to high gain distortion with overdrive capabilities

Death Adder

Designed to have a massive amount of gain with a very present midrange.

Distortion Master DS830

the ultimate distortion pedal

Dude Incredible

Inspired by the iconic guitar tone of Steve Albini/Shellac

Dwarf Bass


Eau Claire Thunder

Like a fire in your belly!

Engine of Ruin

Made in conjunction with Dylan Carlson of Earth


2 channel OD/Dist with High, Mid, Low cut or boost.

Garvy J. Tone Source 2 “Stealth”

A rich harmonic wall of distortion

Gray Channel

With a couple of switch clicks go from warm break up to over-the-top gnarly grind and any/every combination in between.


From crisp, mid-driven 80’s metal, to scooped, modern down-tuned brutality, this little box of sonic mayhem does it all.


Crossing the divide between distortion + overdrive,

Hybrid Bass Driver

Harmonically-rich saturation that retains note clarity and expressiveness. Designed for Bass.


a fantastically versatile fuzz/overdrive/distortion peda

Iron Horse V2

A return to the classic distortion: thick, punchy, riffy and rowdy.


‘90s British shoegaze meets ‘90s Swedish death metal

Karma Suture GE

generating predominantly even-order harmonic distortion, you will notice amazing clarity even with extreme settings.


A mix of the Tone Bender MkII fuzz with a Rat distortion to create something that sings like a fuzz but is tight like a distortion.

Lofi Machine

A sample Rate reducer

Longsword V4

Op-Amp distortion wit a broad frequency response which makes it work equally well with guitar, baritone guitar, and bass


12 ways to clip (distort/provide overdrive) your instrument or re-clip any effect that comes before it.

Metal Charger MS10

A late 80’s/early 90’s take on cranked British amps

Metal Valve Distortion

A two channel, ultra high gain, filth machine with a tube (valve) in it!

Model feT

a transistor-based preamp pedal designed around the legendary Sunn Model T

Plague Rat

Complete control over the treble and bass side of the distortion spectrum.


A high-voltage distortion that converts your instrument’s signal into a rapid series of electric discharges

S & K Pedals

New Arrivals: S&K VHD and CMOSludge


Its Distortion and Output controls can provide up to 55 dB of gain boost

Sol Invictus

A super versatile Sunn inspired dual channel distortion and preamp covers a lot of heavy ground!


For cranked British amp sounds,this unique pedal design delivers.

Super Duper Concert Bass Mod

mimics the unique distortion of the Sunn Concert Bass amplifier

Super Metal SM-9 Pro+

the perfect tone tool to sharpen your steel

Thrash Master FX59

A high-gain, hot pink monster!


The crushing power of thunder. Now with razor-sharp claws.