Keyword: distortion

ZVEX Jane BoxOfMetal_tn “Jane Doe” Box of Metal

a one of a kind hand painted version of ZVEX’s heaviest-sounding pedal

Demedash 112 drive_tn 112+ Drive Channel

The ultimate stacking preamp, vintage drive, booster, distortion, and much more

DOD_AmericanMetal_tn American Metal

DOD’s first “modern” distortion and competitor of the HM-2.

BASSTORTION Zvex_tn Basstortion

From subtle tube type grind, to all out crunch

bitmap_tn Bitmap

fractional bit reduction and sample rate modulation

BlackstoneMosfet_tn Blackstone Mosfet Overdrive

A distortion that re-shapes the body of the note, instead of coating it with a noisy fizz.

SnK.Bodybreaker_tn Bodybreaker

Jfet boosted op amp drive with MOSFET clipping

Fuzzrocious Bongripper SBS Reference_tn Bongripper V2

Collaboration between Fuzzrocious and Bongripper.

box of metal_tn Box of Metal

a massive amount of distortion with a very effective noise-silencing gate

CtKng_tn Cat King

The infamous rodent reborn

Cat Tail_tn Cat Tail

Rodent inspired low to high gain distortion with overdrive capabilities

DeathAdder_tn Death Adder

Designed to have a massive amount of gain with a very present midrange.

Maxon Distortion Master-tn Distortion Master DS830

the ultimate distortion pedal

Dude+Incredible EAE_tn Dude Incredible

Inspired by the iconic guitar tone of Steve Albini/Shellac

Rainger_DrBass_tn Dwarf Bass


DCD Eau Claire Thunder-tn Eau Claire Thunder

Like a fire in your belly!

TYM EngineOfRuin SBS Reference_tn Engine of Ruin

Made in conjunction with Dylan Carlson of Earth

OBNEFault_tn Fault

2 channel OD/Dist with High, Mid, Low cut or boost.

NEA-Tone Source Two_Stealth-tn Garvy J. Tone Source 2 “Stealth”

A rich harmonic wall of distortion

EQDGray_Channel_tn Gray Channel

With a couple of switch clicks go from warm break up to over-the-top gnarly grind and any/every combination in between.

heavy_tn Heavy

From crisp, mid-driven 80’s metal, to scooped, modern down-tuned brutality, this little box of sonic mayhem does it all.

hot-sake_twa_tn HOT SAKE

Crossing the divide between distortion + overdrive,

MaxonBassDriver_tn Hybrid Bass Driver

Harmonically-rich saturation that retains note clarity and expressiveness. Designed for Bass.

dusky_hypatia_tn Hypatia

a fantastically versatile fuzz/overdrive/distortion peda

IronHorse_V2 Iron Horse V2

A return to the classic distortion: thick, punchy, riffy and rowdy.

GCI jugendstil_tn JUGENDSTIL

‘90s British shoegaze meets ‘90s Swedish death metal

CBGeKarma_tn Karma Suture GE

generating predominantly even-order harmonic distortion, you will notice amazing clarity even with extreme settings.

katzenkonig_tn Katzenkönig

A mix of the Tone Bender MkII fuzz with a Rat distortion to create something that sings like a fuzz but is tight like a distortion.

Mooer-Lofi Machine-tn Lofi Machine

A sample Rate reducer

EAE_Longsword_V4_tn Longsword V4

Op-Amp distortion wit a broad frequency response which makes it work equally well with guitar, baritone guitar, and bass

lunaReclipse_tn lunaReclipse

12 ways to clip (distort/provide overdrive) your instrument or re-clip any effect that comes before it.

Ibanez Metal Charger SBS Reference_tn Metal Charger MS10

A late 80’s/early 90’s take on cranked British amps

BlackstarMetal_tn Metal Valve Distortion

A two channel, ultra high gain, filth machine with a tube (valve) in it!

modelfet_tn Model feT

a transistor-based preamp pedal designed around the legendary Sunn Model T

plague rat_tn Plague Rat

Complete control over the treble and bass side of the distortion spectrum.

Plasma_GameChanger_tn Plasma

A high-voltage distortion that converts your instrument’s signal into a rapid series of electric discharges

SandKPedals_tn S & K Pedals

New Arrivals: S&K VHD and CMOSludge

maxon-sd9_tn SD-9 SONIC DISTORTION

Its Distortion and Output controls can provide up to 55 dB of gain boost

Sol-Invictus+Hilbish_tn Sol Invictus

A super versatile Sunn inspired dual channel distortion and preamp covers a lot of heavy ground!

stahlhammer_tn STAHLHAMMER

For cranked British amp sounds,this unique pedal design delivers.

ZVEX_concert_bass_mod_tn Super Duper Concert Bass Mod

mimics the unique distortion of the Sunn Concert Bass amplifier

Super Metal SM-9 Pro-tn Super Metal SM-9 Pro+

the perfect tone tool to sharpen your steel

DOD Thrash Master-tn Thrash Master FX59

A high-gain, hot pink monster!

ThunderClaw_tn Thunderclaw

The crushing power of thunder. Now with razor-sharp claws.