Sound Tastings & Effects Consultations

1st Sound Tasting November 2009 - photo by Dennis Noble

Sound Tasting? Much like a wine tasting but with musical gear instead of fermented grapes. This is chance to experiment with or “taste” an assortment of effects in a relaxed setting. Our Sound Tastings and Effects Consultations are tailored to the artist and the instrument. Our focus is on you the artist, helping you find the effect(s) that best suits your playing style and musical vision.

Sound Tastings:

  • Local Musicians: Before deciding on a new stompbox for your pedal board, wouldn’t be nice if you could try out a few things with the instrument you are most comfortable with, through your own amp? Now you can! This is a great option for instruments that are difficult to bring into a traditional retail shop, such as a Fender Rhodes or Harp.
  • Recording Studios: Time away from the studio is time not making music. Let us bring the effects to you. We can help you dial in the right sound quickly and save you from buying a sound you already have.
  • Touring Musicians: Racing around an unfamiliar city, trying to make it to a music shop before it closes is a headache. It can also be heartbreaking when you arrive just moments after the shop has closed. You can avoid all that, let us bring what you need to the venue. We can even recommend some great veggie/vegan food options in the Boston/Cambridge area.


  • Discover New Sounds There are so many awesome/useful/astonishing/wonderfully absurd/rock solid effects out there these days. Let us help you navigate the selection, cut through the hype and decode the settings to find the sound you are looking for. Whether you have something specific in mind or are ready glimpse the infinite possibilities we will be your guide.
  • Refine Your Sound (Working with what you’ve got): Sometimes a fresh set of ears, an outside perspective, is all it takes to get more out of your current rig.
  • Vintage feel/Modern convenience: Be it a piece from your own collection, or the holy grail you used in the studio, some things just aren’t practical or have become far too fragile or valuable to subject to the rigors of the road. We exist in a time when so many of the cherished tones of bygone days have been cloned or reincarnated into a more modern form.
  • Pedals For People That Hate Pedals: Vast soundscapes or tap-dancing across a sea of switches and blinking lights just isn’t your thing. While some may espouse the virtues of New Old Stock something or other we must not forget there are no substitutes for a great song, the right feel or solid musicianship. That said, sometimes you just want a little something more. Maybe to boost that guitar hook that comes in before each verse or perhaps a touch of tremolo or echo to enhance the mood of a track. We’ll help you keep it simple all while keeping your playing style firmly in focus.

Our consultations start at $30 per hour. Rates vary depending on time, travel, and effects. To get started send us an email or give a call. Tell us a bit about your current rig (instrument, amp, effects, etc.), describe your ideal sound and what effects you are interested in.


Rainbow Machine at Sound Tasting 2-25-12

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