Fender Blender


After reading it was a favorite of George Harrison, My Bloody Valentine and Gish-era Pumpkins I had been looking all round music shops, the want ads and flea markets all over New England and the Tri-State area.

This was one of my first ever online purchases made in the early days on eBay, round about 1997-98. The auction house began in 1995.

This late 60’s/early 70’s fuzz unit definitely did not disappoint. It was brash and unlike any of the overdrives, distortions and Muffs I had been using up to that point. And the clean blend sure does come in handy.

Checkout Michael Dregni’s article in Vintage Guitar Magazine.

Price: $NFS -SBS Reference Library
Manufacturer: Fender
Voltage: 9V Battery
Color: Silver