Guitar Star

Blackmer Guitar Star Front

With it’s unique noise gating and envelope shaping capabilities the Guitar Star can simulate that backwards tracked effect without delay or reverb. Conceived by Acoustician, Engineer, and Studio Designer Michael Blackmer (DBX, Earth Works, Electric Lady, Joe Perry, Bridge Sound & Stage).

Designed to work with obscene amounts of volume & gain. Michael once demonstrated the Guitar Star for us using a custom built amplifier with 300 dB of gain. When engaged there was silence, absolute silence until he unleashed a frenzied Hendrixian solo that shook his entire workshop.
“The Guitar Star is an extraordinary guitar processor that provides graceful control of insane amounts of gain. Imagine being able to play at any level without the usual hum, buzz and clutter between the notes. When used as a fast noise gate it cleans up the noise without changing the sound of the guitar. Even if you only use it to gate noise it is worth every penny.

The Guitar Star can also drastically change the guitar’s sound. The Attack and Release rates are very widely adjustable. The controls and switches cleverly allow you quick access to a wide range of sounds. With just a little experience you will be discovering new sounds that you’ve never heard before. The Guitar Star’s magic envelope shaping can emulate backwards guitar, slow hand, guitar synth, pedal steel, harmonic bell tones, strings, reeds, double reeds, Levin on a Chapman- then quickly change to a screaming solo, or silence.

Guitar Star uses unique adaptive circuitry to adjust to your playing style. If you play fast and hard it moves faster, if you play slow and lightly it will respond more slowly. The gate is context sensitive opening for notes, not for clicks. This is important! With a little forethought you can even set it not to squeal when you plug and unplug the guitar. How about that! But, words ca
n’t come close to describing what you will experience when you personally audition the Guitar Star. Do it! You’ll love it! Its BADASS.”
– Eric Blackmer Music Player Netowrk 4/14/11 (Retrieved 7/7/21)

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