MF-102 Ring Modulator


In the mid 90’s I happened upon a Yamaha CS-50. That  analog synthesizer was my first, hands-on introduction to the ring modulator. Had head the effect in many a sci-fi movie/show and on experimental music from the 70’s. But after hearing it in person, I was captivated by it’s expressive, eccentric properties. From then on I sought out a in pedal form to use on guitar. The original DOD Gonkulator, although super gnarly sounding didn’t quite get that sophisticated yet cantankerous robot voice. Then the Moogerfooger came along. I fell in love with this pedal for two reasons:

  1. The robotic bell & clangs-while abrasive and atonal are always musical.
  2. The exquisite tremolo w/ multiple waveforms from ultra choppy to wide open and airy.


From the Moog website (6/25/21):

The MF-102 Ring Modulator is a direct descendant of Moog modular synthesizers designed to work with any sound source. This all analog instrument is capable of conjuring a vast array of sounds that range from organic to chaotic. In its more subtle settings, the MF-102 conjures beautiful tremolo effects, while at extreme settings becomes completely transformative – creating bizarre and robotic resonations.

Designed by Bob Moog, the MF-102 is comprised of three complete modular functions: a ring modulator, a voltage-controlled carrier oscillator and a voltage-controlled dual-waveform LFO that combine to create a sonically expansive assortment of both musical and clangorous harmonic manipulations. To further expand on this classic modularity, the MF-102 contains multiple CV/Expression Pedal inputs and outputs. This allows each parameter to be manipulated and controlled simultaneously, while also providing modular interconnectivity between other Moogerfooger analog effects