Keyword: reverb

30MS_tn 30ms Automatic Double Tracker

Artificial Double Tracking Vintage Chamber Reverb True Stereo Chorus

Abbey_Keeley_tn Abbey Chamber Verb

Soft Vintage Reverb – Keeley’s Recreation of Abbey Road Studio’s Echo Chamber

afterlife_tn AFTERLIFE

more fun than you’re plain old reverb pedal

EQD_afterneath_tn Afterneath V3

Enhanced Otherworldly Reverberator

Avalanche-RunV2_tn Avalanche Run V2

Stereo Reverb & Delay with Tap Tempo. With Flexi-Switch™ Technology

Backhand_tn Backhand

Belton based reverb inspired by vintage Ampegs

CADAVERNOUS_V2_tn Cadavernous V2


context_tn Context

World-class reverb algorithms with a clean signal path

RedPandaLab_Context2_tn Context 2

Inspired by 1980’s rack mount reverbs. With 8 algorithms, including gated, reverse, plate, and granular modes

DaedalusFront_tn Daedalus

2 reverbs on the fly!

DarkStar_tn Dark Star

Tri-Mode Reverb: Pitch, Delay and Crush.

Keeley_Workstation_tn Delay Workstation

Dual High End DSP Delay/Reverb with Tap Temp

DeluxePlusweb_tn DeluxePlus

The sun’s out and the surf’s up, broham!

EQD_DisasterTransportSr-tn Disaster Transport SR

Advanced modulated delay & reverb machine.

Empress_Echosystem_tn EchoSystems

Spanning the gambit of known delay possibilities and beyond.

Mr_Black_Eterna-tn Eterna Reverberator

Reverb with shimmery octave trails

Boss_DlxRev-tn Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb FDR-1

recreates the legendary tone of the 1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb amp

GoldStar_Keeley_tn Gold Star

Three Mode Reverb: Compressed, Distorted and Flanged

Universal Audio Golden Reverb_tn Golden Reverberator

Digital Models of 3 classics: Tube Spring, Plate 140, Hall 224

EAE Hypersleep SBS Reference_tn Hypersleep

a solid-state analog reverberator w/ a dark, fluttery decay

EQD_Levitation_tn Levitation

A vintage voiced reverb that fits somewhere between dirty sixties chambers, classic spring, and the big, ringing plate reverbs of days gone by.

Keeley Loomer SBS Ref_tn Loomer

Wall of Fuzz

MemphisSun_Keeley_tn Memphis Sun

A Lo-Fi Reverb, Echo and Double-Tracker for capturing that classic Rock-and-Roll sound.

Meris_Mercury7_tn Mercury7

Inspired by the 1982 Bladerunner film soundtrack

mic-mechanic-2_tn Mic Mechanic 2

Mic Mechanic 2 is a compact vocal toolbox in a easy-to-use pedal. Moon Canyon

A collaboration w/ Noveller

MXRReverb_tn MXR Reverb

delivers six distinct high end reverb styles, each exquisitely crafted

perform-v_tn Perform V

Classic vocal effects, including 4 Reverb, 4 Echo, and 4 Double types. Automatic Microphone Input Gain for painless mic setup

Procession_tn Procession

sci-fi reverb soundscapes w/ a hold switch

Boss_SpaceEcho-tn RE-20 Space Echo

The Roland RE-201 Space Echo, has been reborn as the BOSS RE-20 Twin Pedal!

News item Red Panda Now In Stock!

Red Panda effects are now in stock! All the way from Detroit, MI to Boston, MA. Assembled in a building that formerly served as a Model T showroom (the automobile, not the amplifier). We have the Raster Pitch Shifting Delay, […]

Reverb_tn Reverb

Realistic simulations of spaces, as well as never-before-heard surreal ambiances are represented with stunning sound quality. And….it’s got a beer mode!


Endless varieties of realistic and warm sounding reverb effects in both mono and stereo.

Mooer-ShimVerb-tn ShimVerb

Compact digital reverb with shimmer.

News item Space Echo RE-201

The legendary Space Echo tape delay.

Malleko_SpringChicken-tn Spring Chicken

The Malekko SPRING CHICKEN spring reverb has two knobs: “Cluck” adjusts the level of reverb and the legendary “Dwell” knob on the side of the pedal controls the amount of bounce, length as well as wet signal. Plug in an […]

Dano Spring King_tn Spring King

Real spring reverb with a kick pad for thunderous crashes.

Mr_Black_Supermoon-tn SuperMoon

Cavernous and vast modulated reverb.

CB_topanga_tn TOPANGA

All the drip, flutter, cluck, clang, and splash of the original tubes and springs unit in a small pedal format!