Metal Charger MS10

Ibanez Metal Charger SBS Reference

Ibanez MS10 Metal Charger

I bought this because:
1) Pac Man inspired knobs
2) Wanted at least one pedal in this series.
3) The 1970 Charger is my 3rd favorite Dodge automobile. Early 2000’s Grand Caravan Sport is my 1st (Perfect for a small indie rock band or pedal-centric business).
4) Have a fondness for Metal pedals despite not playing Metal music.
It’s been rather fussy as of late so doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. But that’s part of the fun in collecting or creating. Or life. Not everything works or works out the way you planned or hoped. You make the best of the situation and figure out a way forward.

Produced between 1986 and 1993. The Ibanez MS10 Metal Charger

Drive = amount of distortion
Attack = pre-distortion treble and boost
Punch + Edge controls = post distortion eq.

Check out TONEHOME for more info.

Price: $NFS
Manufacturer: Ibanez
Voltage: 9VDC (or 9V battery)
Color: Green