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Fuzzrocious 420v2 SBS purple_tn 420 Fuzz V2

an original fuzz boasting an EL5420csz quad op-amp that creates two different gated fuzz circuits

antichthon_tn Antichthon

Where huge chords, laden with harmonics, give way to undulating tremblings.

Abominable Electronics Anxious Echo SBS_tn Anxious Echo

A combination echo and vintage style octave fuzz

Nerd Knuckle Effects_SBS_Baba Yaga-tn Baba Yaga, SBS edition

A Boston made, medium gain fuzz in the Tone Bender family

EQD Bellows_tn Bellows

It straddles the line between amp-like grit and fuzzy saturation.

DeviEver.LegendOfFuzz_tn BIT -The Legend of Fuzz

While not a bit crusher it can produce some 8-bitish gnarlyness.

DCD Bit Mangler-tn Bit Mangler

joystick-controlled dual fuzz freakout

blacksheep_tn Black Sheep

Dirty, mean spirited and a blast to hang around with.

BlastFurnace_tn Blast Furnace

Fuzz w/ Momentary Delay

BE Blunderbuss-tn Blunderbuss Hybrid Fuzz

a Muff destroying Musket upgraded with a 4-stage germanium/silicon circuit

SmallSound BigSound_Buzzz-tn Buzzz

a scrambled and clangy fuzz with pronounced upper octaving

CHAOSMIC_FUZZ_tn Chaosmic Fuzz

A super fat growling synth fuzz, ripping upper-octave riff-inspiring thick fuzz and chaotic inter-modulating sonic destruction

JHS Cheeseball_tn Cheese Ball

JHS pays tribute to the Lovetone Big Cheese

Fuzzrocious Croak SBS_tn CROAK

An Expressive Double Filter Fuzz

Be Crystal Dagger-tn Crystal Dagger

a dual harmonic device comprised of fuzz and modulation circuits

destroyer_tn Destroyer

A massive fuzz that mauls everything in its path.

EQD Dirt Transmitter-tn Dirt Transmitter

a dual transistor crumbling fuzz tone device

DREAMREAPER_adventure_tn Dream Reaper

a fuzzy feedback modulation machine

Rainger_DrBass_tn Dwarf Bass


Maxon-fuzz-fae10_tn EARTH (FEA10)

Throaty fuzz and singing sustain of the “Ram’s Head” Muff.

DCD Eau Claire Thunder-tn Eau Claire Thunder

Like a fire in your belly!

Fuzzrocious Electric Ocean_tn Electric Ocean

Live at the beach all year long with this chewy, bubbly, swirly fuzz-phaser.

fubar_tn Fubar

From Tone Bender to Mind Splitter

Fur-Coat-1_Orange_tn Fur Coat

Foxx inspired fuzz with adjustable octave.

FurryBurrrito_Yellowcake_tn Furry Burrito

Ranging from warm overdrive to saturated fuzz

FuzzMasterGeneral_tn Fuzz Master General

New take on the vintage Ace Tone Fuzz Master FM-2/Super Fuzz octave fuzz.

FUZZOLO_tn Fuzzolo

A raging beast of a fuzz.

Fuzzrite_tn Fuzzrite

Classic gnarly garage fuzz.

News item Fuzzrocious Documentary

REVERB.COM crafted this great short film on FUZZROCIOUS. We have been working with Ryan for a few years now and love his work. After seeing this we love the pedals even more and hope he and his family keep disseminating […]

News item FUZZSTIVAL: 8/10/13

Saturday August 10th 2013 at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA 13 of Boston’s newest & exciting psych/shoe gazers unite for a full day of wild, glorious sound. Similar to the bi-annual Deep Heaven Now fests, the Fuzzstival assembles an […]


based upon the GGG-tuned and Civil War versions of a muff fuzz

helio_tn Heliotropic

Inspired by Failure’s killer tone on songs like “Heliotropic” or “Another Space Song.”

HoofV2_tn Hoof V2

Loosely based on the classic green Russian muff-style circuit.

dusky_hypatia_tn Hypatia

a fantastically versatile fuzz/overdrive/distortion peda

Euthymia ICBM fuzz SBS Reference_tn ICBM Fuzz

Mid 2000’s interpretation of the IC Big Muff

Ionostrofear_tn Ionostrofear

A thick, massive fuzz descended from the Muff bloodline.

CBGeKarma_tn Karma Suture GE

generating predominantly even-order harmonic distortion, you will notice amazing clarity even with extreme settings.

EQD Life-Pedal_tn Life Pedal

Chasms are cleared, mountains sheared, glaciers calved, novæ birthed.

SBS EQD LifePedal_tn Life Pedal V1

An octave fuzz inspired by the Shin-Ei FY2 & FY6 units leads the circuit into a LM308 brutal rodent big box distortion,

News item LOE Sounds

Reinventing classic fuzzes and forging original designs

Keeley Loomer SBS Ref_tn Loomer

Wall of Fuzz


an extreme fuzz machine

moth_tn M.O.T.H.

It flutters, zips, and can fly transparently through the air.

martyr_tn Martyr Box

you can go from a unique overdrive tone to a wild squishy fuzz

mastotron_tn Mastotron

a sub-heavy silicon fuzz with some new twists

Guyatone Micro Octaver-tn MOm5 Micro Octaver

captures the analog tones of some of the world’s classic octave dividers

Octane3_tn Octane 3

Sounds like a visit to a NASCAR event.

News item Old Tymey Bene-Fuzz

We are big fans of Nerd Knuckle Effects. A Boston based, one man operation. Brad Macomber puts a useful and original spin on dirty, fuzzy circuits. He’s got quite a knack for acid etching enclosures and color choices. We currently […]

Park-Fuzz-Sound_tn Park Fuzz

Vintage Germanium Fuzz Tone

Pessimiser-Hilbish_tn Pessimiser

Developed with the Melvin’s King Buzzo, to capture his unique distortion tones.

pharaoh_tn Pharaoh Supreme

Selection from the following diode settings: Germanium, Asymmetrical Germanium, Silicon, Mosfet, LED and Bypass.

News item Pink Beard

Modern, high-gain transistor fuzz

psychbyke_tn Psych Byke

Buzzy 60’s fuzz.

blackarts-toneworks_ritual-fuzz-tn Ritual

A one knob Colorsound inspired fuzz.

soundtasting-tn SBD

Based on the Vox Super Beatle Distortion w/ enhanced EQ boosts

ZVEX Woolly Screaming Females_tn Screaming Females Woolly Mammoth

A one-of-a-kind hand painted W.M. pedal by Marissa Paternoster, singer and guitarist of the Screaming Females

DC_SheFuzz_tn SheFuzz

A wild fuzz with deep bass response and a vintage-tinged upper octave.

SilverRose_tn Silver Rose

Classic rock – YES. 90’s garage rock -YES. Or enter the realm of Wizard Doom.

Sol-Invictus+Hilbish_tn Sol Invictus

A super versatile Sunn inspired dual channel distortion and preamp covers a lot of heavy ground!

Fender Fuzz Wah-tn SOLD OUT: Classic Series Fuzz Wah

Back and forth, side to side. Wah, Fuzz or both!

EQDSpires_tn Spires

It is full-on fuzz all the time and uses crude wide range tone control to change the character from big and warm to sizzling and blown out.

MXRSubMachine_tn Sub Machine

shaggy vintage tones with a growling sub octave

News item Summer Exclusive! Raspberry Baba Yaga Fuzz

from thin and reedy 60’s style buzzy-buzz to full on super-squishy doom fuzz

ZVEX_concert_bass_mod_tn Super Duper Concert Bass Mod

mimics the unique distortion of the Sunn Concert Bass amplifier

Team Awesome_Fuzz Machine-tn Team Awesome! Fuzz Machine

a full-range hybrid silicon/germanium fuzz with a clean blend, designed for low-end lovers

EQD Terminal-tn Terminal Fuzz V1

A destructive fuzz device modeled after the old JAX fuzz.

DCD Great Destroyer-tn The Great Destroyer

rhythmic oscillation and industrial fuzz

BE Twosome-tn Twosome

a meaty fuzz sandwich made up of the Musket Fix’d Fuzz Deluxe

Maxon-fuzz-fv10_tn. VOID (FV10)

tons of even-order harmonics to create unique octave/fuzz sounds that are dynamic & frequency-dependent.

News item Wata Fuzz

velvet wrapped fuzz inspired by Boris guitarist Wata.

Maxon-fuzz-fwa10_tn WATER (FWA10)

Expands on the classic fuzz/distortion sounds of the “Ram’s Head” Muff by adding a parametric tone section to the circuit.

Woolly_Mammoth_tn Woolly Mammoth

this incredibly sub-frequency-preserving unit will hold on to the lowest lows like no fuzz ever heard before

ZVEX_Woolly_7_tn Woolly Mammoth 7

Take the infamous Woolly Mammoth and add a Marshall style tone stack.

News item ZVEX: New Arrivals

  Newly arrived from ZVEX: The Woolly Mammoth 7 (Hand painted) -Adds a “Marshall” Tone Stack to the classic W.M. fuzz Wah Probe (Vexter) A wah you don’t touch! Sonar Tremolo(Vexter) Tap tempo tremolo and ramp-up/down, Basstortion (Vexter) SVT style, […]