ADA Flanger


90’s reissue of the A/DA Flanger.

This has been in Adam’s collection long before Stompbox Sonic. This flanger was used extensively on Lockgroove’s 2001 album Sleeping on the Elephant Fog and for live shows between 1999-2002.

Engineer David Tarnowsk designed this pedal in 1977. This reissue from the mid-late 90’s  all analog, like the original featuring bucket brigade transistors. Later reissues followed in 2009 and 2015.

HARMONICS adds or subtracts the delayed signal for mid or bass
boost. EVEN is bass boost and mid scoop. ODD is hollow sounding with mid boost.

THRESHOLD adjusts the gate threshold of the delayed signal

MANUAL sets static delay time

RANGE sets the delay time range of the SPEED

SPEED sets the rate of the auto‐sweep

ENHANCE sets the amount of regeneration which varies the
intensity up to the point of self‐oscillation

CONTROL external voltage or an expression pedal port. Overrides the MANUAL control

Price: $NFS- SBS Reference Library
Manufacturer: A/DA