“This is a rarity in the ‘gear world.'”

“Adam and Jen at Stompbox Sonic approached us 2013 to become a dealer of our products for Fuzzrocious Pedals. We ourselves are a small business “mom and pop” shop like Stompbox Sonic and were immediately enamored with Adam and Jen as people and as business owners like us.

Stompbox Sonic took us on and began not only selling our products to folks in the in the greater Boston, MA area, but also exposed us to a larger audience who have a choice to buy through Stompbox Sonic or order more custom work directly from us.

We’ve had the pleasure of attending anniversary events for Stompbox Sonic which allowed us more time to connect with Adam and Jen as people. The attendees of their events not only connected us with more potential customers, but also gave us a rare opportunity to see the variety of people who have loved working with and purchasing from Stompbox Sonic.

Working with and buying from Stompbox Sonic is a different experience than going to a brick and mortar store or buying blindly online. Adam and Jen listen to their potential and existing customers, curating what the customer needs based on what they want. This is a rarity in the “gear world.”

We are honored to work with Adam and Jen.” –Ryan Ratajski (FUZZROCIOUS PEDALS)