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October 29th: New England Synth Fest

Data Corrupter

takes your input signal and “brutally amplifies it into a crushing square wave fuzz tone that is multiplied, divided, and modulated.”


Multi-Voice Instrument Synthesizer

Ottobit Jr

Arcade Dreams Reborn


A big book about modular synths, their makers, and masters. Patching secrets, performance tips, history, modules, and techniques.

Sometimes that xenon gas gets free….

Sorry, I couldn’t resist paraphrasing the Magnetic Fields classic, “Born on a Train,” changing neon to xenon gas. It’s a catchy tune and apropos for the Game Changer Plasma pedal. Which transforms your instrument’s signal into high-voltage electrical discharges within […]


It reinvents sample and hold, performs fluid glissandos and creates oscillator like, synthesizer effects.


Transforms the tone of your guitar or bass into that of a vintage synthesizer