Sometimes that xenon gas gets free….


Sorry, I couldn’t resist paraphrasing the Magnetic Fields classic, “Born on a Train,” changing neon to xenon gas. It’s a catchy tune and apropos for the Game Changer Plasma pedal. Which transforms your instrument’s signal into high-voltage electrical discharges within a xenon gas filled tube. The song is posted below if you wanna have a listen. Oh, speaking of Gamechanger…

Several members of of Latvia based company stopped by SBS HQ at the end of July for a music & pizza filed hang session. Not only did they teach us some cool tricks for the Plasma and their flagship device the Plus Sustain, we also were treated to a full run-through of the soon-to-be-released Motorsynth, the Thirdman edition of the Plasma, the rack mounted version of the Plasma and a cool new prototype.

SBS_GameChange_Motorsynth SBS_GameChange_Pedals SBS_GameChange_Motorsynth2 SBS_GameChange_PlasmaRack

Here are a few quick video clips:

Plasma Pedal (Thirdman Edition)


And now for some Magnetic Fields!