2012: Best Sellers

I like to think that the world’s end, as predicted for 12/21/12, was averted in no small part due to liberal use of the following effects, our best sellers of 2012:

10) Rainbow Machine Magical Pitchshifter (EarthQuaker Devices)
9) Classic Series Phaser (Fender)
8) Blunderbus Hybrid Fuzz (Blackout Effectors)
7) LSTR Fuzz (Black Arts Toneworks)
6) Grand Orbiter Phase Machine (EarthQuaker Devices)
5) Micro Flanger M117 (MXR)
4) Keymaster Effects Mixer (Pigtronix)
3) Ghost Echo Reverb (EarthQuaker Devices)
2) Crystal Dagger Fuzz/Octavia/Phaser (Blackout Effectors)
1) Dispatch Master Delay & Reverb (EarthQuaker Devices)