TRYMThe Aalberg TRYM Tremolo Pedal delivers everything from a hard-hitting square wave to a gentler sine wave shaped tremolo effect, with endless possibilities in between. With the Tap-tempo foot-switch you can change the tremolo speed, and by using stereo mode you can alternate the tremolo effect from left to right providing a spacious and mesmerizing tremolo-panning effect.

As with all Aalberg Audio pedals, the settings for the Aalberg TRYM, including presets and tap-tempo can be easily controlled from the Aalberg AERO AE-1 Wireless Controller (sold separately). The Aalberg TRYM is powered using a standard 9V power adaptor (not included).

Controls: SPEED, SHAPE, DEPTH, Bypass ON/OFF, FX-Select, Tap-Tempo.

Price: $299
Manufacturer: Aalberg Audio
Voltage: 9VDC 250 mA Draw
Dimensions: 3.52" x 5.55" x 2.18"
Color: Silver w/ Orange