Keyword: phaser


a mesmerising twin oscillator phaser/vibrato from the UK


A phaser with a delay inside.

Electric Ocean

Live at the beach all year long with this chewy, bubbly, swirly fuzz-phaser.

Grand Orbiter V3

with a diverse feature set that can go from stationary and resonant to slow and mellow and on through fast and swirly.

Phase Lag

An organic, psychedelic, atmospheric vintage phaser


Tap tempo & 8 waveforms

RHFX Analog Phaser

An 8-stage analog Phaser gives warmth and richness and swirl to your tone


Two phasers working together to give unimaginable texture with three selectable modes


Speed sweeps from maddeningly slow to puppy dog flippy

Wombtone MKII

smooth phase tones w/ endless possibilities