Rad sickness

Electro Foods Rad Sickness

The RAD SICKNESS is an incredible utility pedal.  The piles of volume and treble, as well as the EQ, make it a handy solo boost.  It will also make everything that comes after it in the signal path sound better; shape your EQ heading into a one-knob fuzz, perk up a dark overdrive, breathe new life into your favorite dirtbox, or add some zing to time/modulation effects without overwhelming them.  The RAD is also an easy-to-dial-in bass dirt machine that will give you that hint of grind you’re missing with your solid state bass amp.  Hell – crank the gain, boost the mids, and turn up the treble – it’ll function as a solid little overdrive on its own.  There is no limit to the fun things you can do with the RAD SICKNESS.

Gain: Roll clockwise for a high gain boost that eases into a hint of nasty silicon overdrive at the top of the scale.  Roll counterclockwise for a clean, high fidelity boost.

Bass: ‘Flat’ position allows the full level of your input bass signal through.  ‘Cut’ rolls off some of the bass frequencies for a tighter sound.  ‘Boost’ adds gain in the lows, giving you some extra dirt and a nastier low end.

Level: Volume control.  This pedal is loud – start low and dial up to the level you need.

Treble: Turn clockwise to blast your amp with gain in the high frequencies, old-school treble booster style but with a nasty silicon cut.  Turn counterclockwise to roll off treble.  Flat/unity treble is at approximately 9 o’clock – there is a TON of treble to work with.

Mids: Flip the toggle to ‘Boost’ for a precisely-placed, just-right gain boost in the midrange.  This will give you increased presence and slice through the mix like a hot butter knife through room-temperature butter.



Price: $180
Manufacturer: Electrofoods Unlimited
Voltage: 9VDC
Color: Black