30MS_tn 30ms Automatic Double Tracker

Artificial Double Tracking Vintage Chamber Reverb True Stereo Chorus

Maxon-Ambient-Stereo-Chorus-ASC10-tn Ambient Stereo Chorus ASC10

A bold, rich spacious sound in a compact enclosure.

Ibanez BiChorus SBS Reference_tn Bi-Mode Chorus BCL

Two independent LFOs

clarinot_tn Clari(not)

Vibrato/chorus/wow and flutter simulator

Mr_Black_DoubleChorus-tn DoubleChorus

Super chorusing via four modulated delay lines.

Excess_OBNE_tn Excess

Distortion with chorus or delay w/ selectable SERIES / PARALLEL operation

InstLooPVex_tn Instant Lo-Fi Junky

Achieve new haunting chorus sounds and pulsating vibrato.

MXR Micro Chorus-tn Micro Chorus M-148

simple operation and stellar analog tone

Mr Black Mini Chorus_tn Mini Chorus

modeled after the original late 70’s “Ensemble” chorus that started it all

Polaris_tn Polaris

The North Star wobbler.

LTD ED BLACK EQD RAINBOW MACHINE_tn Rainbow Machine Black on Pink

Same great Rainbow Machine in a limited edition Black & Pink enclosure.

OBNEReflectorV2_tn Reflector

A densely lush chorus coupled with three modes of modulation

Stereo Chorus Pro CS-9-tn Stereo Chorus Pro CS-9

an analog stereo chorus with an entire range of classic and unique effects

MXRUniVibe_tn Uni-VibeĀ® M68

delivers the same chewy, Leslie-sounding goodness as the 60’s classic