Dream Reaper


The Dream Reaper is a fuzzy feedback modulation machine guaranteed to disrupt your circadian rhythm.

The Force switch engages a built in “pick up emulator” controlled by the Sense knob, which emulates the the tone knob(s) on your guitar. We found that by putting this pedal in the middle of your chain, the tone knob on the guitar didn’t seem to adjust the feedback frequency when in Dream mode. This built-in “pick up emulator” takes care of that. Rub that tone knob and squeal this pupper all the way to tonetown.

Dream – Self Oscillation Mode

Reap – Only active in Dream mode. It controls the strength of your input as it tussles with the oscillations for dominance. It’s kind of a “tug of war” between the feedback oscillations and the distorted input signal.

Range – Low range cutoff filter capacitor selector.

Bias – How much voltage is applied to the pedal. Also known as a starve control. Think of this as the amount of non-linearity, of the effect regardless of which mode.

Filter – similar to how a filter works on a big muff. Generally more low end and defined midrange towards the left. More defined highs and less low end towards the right.

Cutoff – LPF Controls where the high end of the filter is rolling off. This knob interacts a lot with the Filter knob.

Sense – Only engaged when the Force toggle is switched up

Force – switch engages a built-in “pick up emulator” controlled by the Sense knob

EXP – Overrides Filter knob. We recommend using a 100K ohm potentiometer expression pedal because the filter is designed around a 100K linear pot. Any other pot value may create an undesirable result. This EXP input cannot receive any type of control voltage. Only a passive expression pedal is recommended.

Volume – C’mon…. do I have to explain this one?

Bypass – True as can be

Price: $225
Manufacturer: Adventure Audio
Voltage: 9VDC. 10mA draw
Color: Orange