This is our take on capturing what is arguably the first and last word in all tube amp distortion for bass. The debate always starts and ends with the Ampeg SVT™. The harder you dig the more it growls. The connection between your hands and that kind of natural tube distortion is primal, immediate, powerful, and musical.


DRIVE: Goes from barely perceptible tube type grind, to all out
crunch and everything in between.  It is NORMAL for this knob
to crackle when turned!

TONE: Adjust for treble content.  Simple, flexible, and musical.

VOLUME: Adjust for output volume level.

BRIGHT / DARK Switch: In general, the “Bright” setting has
more bite and high frequency content, while the “Dark” setting
is more tame and smooth.  Keep in mind that this switch has an
intimate relationship with the tone control, so things will change
based on where the tone knob is!

Price: $199 -Sold Out
Manufacturer: ZVEX
Voltage: 9 VDC 2mA draw
Dimensions: 4.70" x 2.38" x 1.82"
Color: Black & White