Moon Canyon



Released in 2018, the Moon Canyon is a collaboration between ambient composer/guitarist Noveller and Dutch pedal builder Dr. No.

“The MOON CANYON, a NOVEL by Dr. No Effects.”

The MOON CANYON houses three different guitar effects in the following order of chain, Overdive, Reverb and Delay. It makes it a multi effect. An fx-loop, (not to be mistaken by a recording looper), is added and made to use and put other effects in between the Overdive and the Reverb & Delay that you can switch on and off. Most guitar Effects users prefer to have their Reverb and Delays at the end of the fx chain to get the best out of these fx, one of the reasons that one is added here too, as I can imagine that you probably like to add Effects to your pedalboard.

-The Overdrive is the first in chain.   It is an overdrive that is very transparent and extremely suitable for a dynamic playing style but also very complimentary on the Reverb and Delay. The Overdrive has a mini toggle switch on top of the effect to add more low ends. Dail functions are, Volume, Tone and Drive.

-Second is the Effects-Loop. You can redirect the signal into the loop chain you prefer and put together, and still keep the Reverb and Delay at the end of your chain. If you switch OFF the FX-loop by using the FX-Loop footswitch on the pedal, not using another in between added Effects chain, you bypass it. If you connect the Loop In with the Loop Out by using a patch cable, the signal bypasses without the use of a looped fx chain. If you leave out a FX-chain or a patch cable in between the Loop In & Loop Out, your FX-loop footswitch will function as a mute. The FX-Loop has no part in the moon light like the Overdrive, Reverb and Delay do light up 1/3 of the moon, only the switch ring of the FX-Loop will light up red when engaged.

-3rd is the Reverb.

This is a single knob Digital Reverb based on a high quality Belton Reverb brick with a “Long” Reverb. The BIGGEST sounding Reverb simulation in the range of Belton bricks. With the use of a nice amplifier or multiple amps this Reverb can sound like playing in a Cathedral. Just turn up or down the potentiometer to add more or less Reverb.

-Last but not least the Delay.

This is a Digital Delay but with analog sounding characteristics. The Delay has three Knobs. Mix, to mix in the amount of present Delay to your signal. Time, the tempo of your delay.  Repeats the feedback. When you turn the repeats to max or you turn it while a signal runs through, you can create a killer oscillation. Have it turned above 2 o-clock and turn the Time while a signal runs through, you may find yourself in oscillation heaven.

At the end you have two mono outputs to play with. Use two amps like Noveller is using or run one to an amp and another to a new chain of effects and then to a amp. Just a simple cool extra.