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The God City Instruments JUGENDSTIL w/ “Sub” control. Released October 2021

If there were a Venn Diagram showing the overlap between ‘90s British shoegaze and ‘90s Swedish death metal, Jugendstil would feel right at home in the middle. The circuit starts with a simple, high-gain silicon fuzz section which cleans up extremely well and can even be used as a clean boost at low settings. That’s all well and good, but Jugendstil’s secret weapon is a fully maxed out HM-2 style EQ, labelled “loud” and wired as a parallel blend — use the loud control to blend in as much or as little of the HM-2 sound as you like! “Sweep” controls the center frequency of the mid boost. Set it around 2 o’clock for the classic HM

9v center negative operation only.

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