Bi-Mode Chorus BCL

Ibanez BiChorus SBS Reference

More Pac Man inspired pedals! This was the second 10 series Ibanez I added to the collection. I don’t particularly like using chorus in my music but I like a lot of music that does. Besides. I always wanted a Mutron Bi-Phase so it makes sense if you are inclined to take life advice from a Stones song (“You Can’t Always Get What You Want”). In the end, it’s a good sounding chorus and it is incorrigible in it’s encouragement to use two amps more often.

The Ibanez BCL is a unique take on stereo chorusing. With two independent LFOs, one fast, one slow you can create some interesting modulations. Vibrato? Yup. Watery pitch bending? Sure! Other cool chorusy business? Indeed!


Made in Japan. In the 80’s.

Price: $NFS
Manufacturer: Ibanez
Voltage: 9VDC or battery
Color: Black and purple