Wicked Jawn


WICKED JAWN is our first collaboration with Electronic Audio Experiments, our friends from the land of tea and homeys, Boston.

Both Boston and Philadelphia have distinct accents and colloquial expressions. Bostonians are known for saying “wicked” and Philadelphians for “jawn.” Both are baseball cities. We’ve combined circuits, colors/fonts from our local ball squads, and nerd brains to bring you something special!

WICKED JAWN takes EAE’s Model FET (v2 w/ specially picked high gain transistors) and punches it in the face with our Octave Jawn mod, a digital octave up and down.

Limited to 21 total units.

Price: $SOLD OUT
Manufacturer: Fuzzrocious & Electronic Audio Experiments
Voltage: 9VDC
Color: White