Wabash Solid State Mini Stack

Not much info out there for this little guy. Sure is handsome though. Has to be one of the classiest mini head and mini speaker cab sets we’ve seen. Danelectro made tube amps for Wabash in the 50’s. But this amplifier is solid state, proclaiming proudly on its face-plate, “FET – All Silicon Transistors.” This amp probably dates more towards the mid to late 60’s or even 70’s with styling reminiscent of the Dano solid states and perhaps a touch of Univox.

Aesthetically it is such a great looking amp. Perfect size for the apartment or recording studio. Controls along the front are Volume, Tone, Reverb and the Tremolo has separate Depth and Speed knobs.

Two “Normal” instrument inputs and one “High.” Two speaker outs on the back. No indication of ohms or watts. The cabinet is a modest 26″ tall containing two speakers. 8″ possibly 10.” This baby packs plenty of punch, you might even get a complaint from the neighbors if you push the volume up past 3. A crisp bright tone. That gets pretty raubchy. If only more solid states sounded this good. Because of their sizeĀ  it is easy to overwhelm the speakers in a not very flattering way. The Reverb and Tremolo are quite pleasant and add some nice ambiance.

Price: $300
Manufacturer: Wabash
Voltage: n/a
Dimensions: n/a
Color: black tolex/silver grill cloth