Silverface Twin Reverb



1972 Fender Twin Reverb. Mater Volume. Does not have push/pull volume control. 100 watts. The gold standard for loud, clean, tube amps. That full, rich sound. That splashy reverb, classic “Vibrato” tremolo. Original speakers. A previous owner installed casters for easier transport. These amps are back breakers but so worth it for that sound!


FenderTwinInputsFenderTwinFront FenderTwinBackFusesFenderTwinBackConnectionsjpg    FenderTwinSpeaker FenderTwinSpeakersReverb FenderTwinTubeChart FenderTwinTubes1 FenderTwinTubes2

Price: $1100
Manufacturer: Fender
Dimensions: 20 x 26 x 10½
Color: Black Tolex. Silver Grill