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“…the psychic space for playful exploration”

“Stompbox Sonic’s sonic tastings are the only place I’ve felt free to try unfamiliar audio effects to my heart’s content (and inevitably fall in love with new sounds). Adam and Jen create the psychic space for playful exploration with gear […]

“and that time they let me play 200 pedalz!”

“On top of being overall awesome people and coming to many of a band of mine’s jam spaces so we could test out all sorts of awesome pedals before we buy AND having great selection AND so much pedal knowledge!! […]

“I ended up using it on all the tracks.”

“I wanted to say thanks for the fuzz pedals Adam brought by for us when I was looking to finish up guitar parts on our upcoming Spectramotiv record. As you know I’m really particular about fuzzes (I was the one […]

“they helped me find pedals that enhanced my sound”

“I can’t say enough positive things about Stompbox Sonic. I met them at a Sound Tasting event 6 years ago and ever since they have become my go-to shop for effects pedals and other accessories. Jen and Adam are so […]

“This is a rarity in the ‘gear world.'”

“Adam and Jen at Stompbox Sonic approached us 2013 to become a dealer of our products for Fuzzrocious Pedals. We ourselves are a small business “mom and pop” shop like Stompbox Sonic and were immediately enamored with Adam and Jen […]

“This place is awesome.”

“This place is awesome. I was looking for a Red Panda Tensor. Every store I contacted had a 3-month long waiting list. Stompbox got back to me immediately and 2 days later it’s mine! Can’t recommend them enough” -Andrew Merclean

Distorted Electric Banjo

“I went to Stompbox Sonic because I has just recently made my banjo electric and was interested in trying out some distortion pedals with it. I made an appointment and met with Adam. Adam is extremely knowledgeable about what all […]