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7 Years & Video Blog

THANK YOU!!! To everyone that participated, assisted, and attended, YOU helped make our 7 Year Celebration such a blast! We are grateful for your enthusiasm and support. Korey from F##K Yeah! Effects Pedals was on an effects & amp driven […]

7 Years: Audrey Harrer & Jesse Christeson

This is the second video recapturing the magickal evening of November 4th, 2016. Where a group of performers and pedal builders gathered to help us celebrate 7 Years in existence. Harpist, singer, arranger, Audrey Harrer, a long time collaborator of […]

7 Years: Brian Hamilton

Brian Hamilton, the man behind smallsound/bigsound and the keyboardist for Cymbals Eat Guitars, treated us all to a dual loop meditation on the Yamaha CP-70 electric piano. From our 7 Years of Stompbox Sonic event at Q Division Studios in […]

7 Years: John Snyder

The first video recapturing the magick of our 7th anniversary celebration is of the very first performer that evening, John Snyder. John is the creator of Electronic Audio Experiments, the company behind the Model feT and Longsword he also performs […]

7 Years: Kevin Micka

Kevin Micka, the singular entity that is Animal Hospital. The immersive, loop-based, post-rock, sound collage that often times is exactly, exactly what you need to hear. Kevin mostly performs solo, although on occasion conducts a massive, multi-piece ensemble version of […]

Celebrating 10 years of weird, dreamy, and fuzzed out sounds

Join as we celebrate a decade of igniting the creative process through effects pedals.

Celebrating 8 years & 200 Pedals

Inspiration To celebrate 8 years of chasing the creative spirit we wanted to do something big. This assembly of 200 effects was done as an homage to our friends, family, the pedal builders, companies, and musicians that have made Stompbox […]

EarthQuaker Devices Clinic

Presented by StompboxSonic & Q Division Studios: Dive deep into EarthQuaker Devices with Operations Manager, Cory Juba! Get up close and hands-on with EarthQuaker Devices, ask questions, learn pro tips, and win FREE PEDALS! Now is your chance to understand […]

Hey 2018

Hi Everyone, It’s 2018. Stompbox Sonic begins making its way around the sun towards our ninth year of existence. How about a look back to a highlight from year eight (last year)? As you may have heard we did a […]

SBS 10th Birthday

SBS10 Photos

Photos from SBS 10. November 8th 2019