Keyword: Mr. Black


soften the mood with the syncopation of multi-tap delay and the
gentle embrace of ambient reverb.

Dark Echo

Endless, rich echoes which get progressively darker and thicker


The sun’s out and the surf’s up, broham!


Super chorusing via four modulated delay lines.

Eterna Reverberator

Reverb with shimmery octave trails


it may seem like a simple envelope filter, the FwonkBeta is actually a Purple Funk Generator

Mini Chorus

modeled after the original late 70’s “Ensemble” chorus that started it all

Mini Octaves

A super-small polyphonic pitch-transposer, deliver one octave above and one octave below the root.

Shepard’s End

This is the world’s first Barber Pole Through-Zero Flanger.


Cavernous and vast modulated reverb.


The crushing power of thunder. Now with razor-sharp claws.

TunnelWorm (Discontinued)

Tubular Through-Zero Flanging has finally been captured!