Keyword: echo

AD4096 Analog Delay

Flexible and unique analog delay.


soften the mood with the syncopation of multi-tap delay and the
gentle embrace of ambient reverb.

Anxious Echo

A combination echo and vintage style octave fuzz

Dark Echo

Endless, rich echoes which get progressively darker and thicker


540ms of delay time in a mini enclosure w/ Igor expression pad.


Spanning the gambit of known delay possibilities and beyond.

Mic Mechanic 2

Mic Mechanic 2 is a compact vocal toolbox in a easy-to-use pedal.


A dark echo with an FX loop

Perform V

Classic vocal effects, including 4 Reverb, 4 Echo, and 4 Double types. Automatic Microphone Input Gain for painless mic setup

Vintage Modified Superdelay

Tap tempo, 2.8 Seconds of Delay Time , 8 modes, an 11 second looper and more.