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2016 Best Sellers

Best Selling Pedals of 2016: Mel 9 -Tape Replay Machine (Electro Harmonix) Avalanche Run -Stereo Delay/Reverb (EarthQuaker Devices) Particle -Granular Delay (Red Panda) KTR -Overdrive (Klon LLC) Longsword V2 -Distortion (Electronic Audio Experiments) BeneFuzz -IC Fuzz (Nerdknuckle Effects) Eterna -Shimmering Reverb […]

2018 Best Sellers

Here are the 10 best selling effects from 2018. EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run Stereo Reverb/Delay Klon KTR Overdrive Old Blood Noise Endeavors Dark Star Pad Reverb Red Panda Tensor Timewarp EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master Reverb/Delay Coppersound Polaris Chorus/Vibrato Empress Echosystem […]

2019 Best Selling Pedals

2019 Best Selling Pedals

Favorite Music 2019

Here is just a small sampling of the music we’ve enjoyed this year.          

Favorite Music: 2012

our favorite records of 2012

Favorite Music: 2014

A lot of great music was released in 2014. Many powerful sounds provided the soundtrack to my life, keeping me grounded, inspiring me when all seemed lost or simply keeping me company on the road while I brought pedals to […]

Favorite Music: 2015

Music is vital to surviving from one day to the next. These 10 albums were essential to making our 2015. Low – Ones and Sixes Marriages –Salome Torche –Restarter Sleater Kinney –No Cities to Love New Dog –Classic Ballroom Dances […]

Favorite Music: 2016

For our year end musical recap we limit the list to 10 albums. There is never a shortage of sounds that are enjoyable, inspiring or that bring comfort. Narrowing the list is always a challenge, a fun one, but one […]

Favorite Music: 2018

Low: Double Negative Yo la Tengo: There’s a Riot Going On Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe: S/T Kristin Hersh: Possible Dust Clouds Courtney Barnett: Tell Me How You Really Feel Emma Ruth Rundle: On Dark Horses Marissa Nadler: For My […]

Our Best Selling pedals of 2015

Some of the effects we helped find happy homes: 1) Mr. Black –Eterna -Shimmering Reverb (Blue) 2) EarthQuaker Devices –Dispatch Master -Delay/Reverb 3) Mr. Black –SuperMoon -Modulating Reverb 4) ZVEX Effects –Sonar -Advanced Tremolo 5) Mr. Black –Deluxe Plus -Tremolo/Reverb […]