Super Metal SM-9 Pro+

Based on the cult-classic Super Metal pedal from the 1980’s, the new Maxon SM-9 Pro+ packs sufficient firepower to accurately reproduce all the tonal evolutions of metal music over the past 30 years.

The SM-9 Pro+ can create an almost limitless variety of high-gain guitar sounds, from classic 70’s Plexi tones through the “scooped midrange” made famous by the 1980’s thrash pioneers, and on to the huge low-end needed for the extended tunings of today’s extreme metal.

The SM-9 Pro+ features Gain, Level, Scoop, and Edge controls. Gain simultaneously boosts the 1 kHz midrange band by up to 20 dB as Gain is increased. Scoop is a mid-band elimination filter that is variable between 200 Hz – 2 kHz. Edge is a hi-cut shelving filter that cuts hi frequencies from 2 kHz to 15 kHz.

The SM-9 Pro+ also features switchable 9 or 18 volt operation, providing sufficient heardroom with minimal compression to handle today’s high-output pickups and active electronics.

Whether your a metalhead looking for that perfect grind, or a working cover player who doesn’t want to lug huge amps around, the SM-9 Pro+ Super Metal is the perfect tone tool to sharpen your steel.

Price: $199
Manufacturer: Maxon
Voltage: 9 to 18VDC (higher voltage=higher headroom, wide gain range)
Dimensions: 2.9" w x 4.88" d x 2.13" h
Color: blue