The Keeley STAHLHAMMER Distortion is a hard hitting distortion pedal with no equal at Keeley Electronics. For cranked British amp sounds,this unique pedal design delivers. Keeley has combined classic highgain amp distortion and added atube amp style EQ to give you awealth of tones. This unique structure has two modes of operation – High Gain/TubeSaturation switchable from the right side of the pedal.The three tone controls, Bass – Middle –Treble, give you a fantastic rangeof amp sounds that you will be both familiar with and find easy to dial in.

Distortion – Full and thick distortion with hard-clipping style diodes to ground.  Based on the LM1458 with its slow slew rate, this pedal just rips for a taking a Strat or Paul in thick and rich heavy clipping.  Hey, you need something that sounds just like your amp when it just starts to break up, turn this down to about 9 O’clock and you’ve got your amp’s tone nailed.

Volume – We’ve added a 3x make-up gain output buffer to this pedal so that you’ll always be able to drive your amp with authority.

Tube Amp Eq

Bass – This is for your low end response, around 100Hz and lower.

Middle – This affects frequencies from 800Hz to about 1.6KHz.  You can heavily scoop out the mids, or push them to really stand out!

Treble – This is to roll of treble or push upper frequencies around 3.2KHz and higher.

Gain Switch – Two modes of distortion are available from switch mounted on the right hand side of the pedal.

Switch UP – Tube Amp Crunch.  Just like your three channel amp’s Crunch Channel – LED lights up and is actually part of the clipping circuit.
Switch DOWN – Lead Mode.  This is like your amp’s Lead Channel – LED does not light, higher gain, more saturation.

Price: $169
Manufacturer: Keeley
Voltage: 9VDC
Color: Black