Sol Invictus


The super versatile dual channel distortion and preamp covers a lot of heavy ground! Based on the popular Hilbish Design Beta Preamp this pedal version features the same dual channel design, super dynamic drive controls going from clean tones to overdrive to all out fuzz, and three band active EQ. Channels can be run individually or in parallel via two foot switches.

The Sol Invictus features an extensive IO selection. The instrument output allows the musician to use the Sol Invictus as a dual channel distortion/overdrive. The line out can be used to drive a poweramp directly for use as a pedalboard mounted preamp. The TRS balanced output can be used to go direct into the mixing board. Each channel also has its own output to be used as the front end for b-amp rigs (sending lows to one cabinet and high’s to another).

The Sol-Invictus turns any pedalboard into the perfect compact fly-in or travel rig.

– Top row controls channel a, bottom row controls channel b.
– Drive: controls the amount of gain. From clean boost to fuzzed out!
– Bass, Mid, Treble: three band active EQ controls can cut and boost, set center for
flat response.
– Level: controls the overall level of each channel.
– Master: controls the overall level of the effect (not active when using ch a/ch b

– Bypass: when using the inst output this footswitch switches between the clean
instrument signal and the effect signal. when using any of the other outputs
(CHA, CHB, line, balanced) the bypass switch acts as a mute switch.
– Both Channels: When activated, turns both channel a and B on.
A/B Toggle: toggles between channel a (red) and channel b (green).

– Input: instrument level input for guitar, bass, synth, or whatever other noise maker
you have.
– CH A Out: line level output for channel a only.
– CH B Out: line level output for channel b only.
– INST Out: instrument level output, use for “effect pedal” operation into a guitar or
bass amp.
– Line Out: line level output for use with power amp, mixing board, or DI.
– Balanced out: TRS balanced out for DI applications that require long cable runs.

Price: $350.00
Manufacturer: Hilbish
Voltage: 9VDC center negative supply (200ma draw)