Screaming Females Woolly Mammoth


ZVEX Woolly Screaming Females

ZVEX Woolly Screaming Females 2

This is a one-of-a-kind hand painted pedal by Marissa Paternoster, singer and guitarist of the Screaming Females! This is a limited edition featuring art that will never be reproduced again. The parts are otherwise identical to the Woolly Mammoth. All hand painted pedals include a lifetime warranty.
Designed for bass, a favorite for guitar, this incredibly sub-frequency-preserving unit will hold on to the lowest lows like no fuzz ever heard before. It features a gentle gate for silencing your instrument between notes or phrases, and has an EQ control that smoothly selects between more bass and more treble.

Price: $SOLD OUT
Manufacturer: ZVEX
Voltage: 9VDC or 9V battery
Dimensions: 2.38" x 4.70" x 1.82"