Two-voice Harmony Generator with Expressive Potential

The TC Electronic Quintessence harmony pedal is capable of some serious sonic movement. It generates intelligent two-voice harmonies over your playing, with full creative control offered by TC’s TonePrint app for creating your own custom settings. And that’s just the start. Equipped with a MASH expressive footswitch, you can bend the harmony voices up or down in real-time for subtle or extreme effects. And its analog-dry-through signal path ensures your core tone maintains its sonic integrity. Whether you’re chasing classic harmonized guitar tones, or the potential to create something completely new, check out the TC Electronic Quintessence harmony generator.

Two-voice harmony effects pedal for guitar.
Pressure-sensitive MASH footswitch for real-time expressive control over harmonized notes
Create your own custom effects with TonePrint Editor software (Mac, PC, iPad)
Beam TonePrint presets directly to the pedal with your smartphone with the TonePrint App
Switchable Buffered/True Bypass switching
Choose from Momentary or Latching switch operation
Analog-dry-through signal path leaves your core guitar tone untouched

Price: $150
Manufacturer: TC Electronic
Voltage: 9VDC. 300mA