Patches, Pins, Sweatshirts, and Books!

Sometimes you need to attach stuff to things, wear something or read about a subject.

Well, we can help make that happen! EarthQuaker Devices pins & patches are here! The Book of Orange and “Ugly” Amplifier Sweatshirts are now in stock.

EQDpinsPatchesNov2017Die-Cast Enamel Pins: $8.50 plus MA Sales Tax
Choose: Octo-Skull, Rainbow Machine, Hoof, Erupter, Avalanche Rin

Embroidered Patches: $4.00 plus MA Sales Tax
Choose: Afterneath or Space Spirals


UglyOrangeSweatshirtStay warm with these Orange Amps Sweatshirts. Cotton/Polyester Blend. $24.99 plus MA Sales Tax.


The Book of Orange. Soft-cover. A history of the iconic British Amplifier. $29.99 plus MA Sales Tax