Our Best Selling pedals of 2015

Some of the effects we helped find happy homes:

1) Mr. Black –Eterna -Shimmering Reverb (Blue)

2) EarthQuaker Devices –Dispatch Master -Delay/Reverb

3) Mr. Black –SuperMoon -Modulating Reverb

4) ZVEX Effects –Sonar -Advanced Tremolo

5) Mr. Black –Deluxe Plus -Tremolo/Reverb

6) Nerd Knuckle Effects BENE-FUZZ -IC Muff inspired Fuzz

7) Fuzzrocious Pedals AFTERLIFE -Digital Reverb

8) smallsound/bigsound effects –TEAM AWESOME -Fuzz Machine

9) Klon KTR -Overdrive

10) Empress Effects HEAVY -Distortion w/ Noise Gate