Martyr Box

Here’s the scoop. The Nerd Knuckle Martyr Box is a 2-stage gain device: One with a variable gain, one with a fixed gain. Each gain stage is made up of a high gain silicon transistor driving a low gain NOS Russian germanium transistor. By using both types of transistors, the Martyr box gives you the direct, hard-edged articulation of silicon clipping, and the smooth, compressed sound of germanium clipping. With the first channel, you can go from a unique overdrive tone to a wild squishy fuzz. Kicking on the boost gives you a gain and volume boost that’ll take you into feedback laden fuzz heaven. Equally at home on bass and guitar


Price: $150
Manufacturer: Nerd Knuckle Effects
Voltage: 9VDC
Dimensions: 4.5 x 3.5 x 2 (w/ knobs)
Color: aluminum