Klon miniBehold the true heir to the Klon Centaur, the KTR! Designed, developed and tested by Bill Finnegan. The KTR Overdrive is the result of a methodical, meticulous refinement of the original. Three simple controls¬† -Gain, Tone, Output (GTO) and a switchable buffer on/off. This isn’t an amp in a box and it won’t drastically alter your signal. It’s not going to add/subtract what isn’t there. The KTR takes a sound you love (the instrument and amp you are plugged into)then gives you more of it to love, pushing it all a bit harder.¬† No need for a Klone when the real deal can be yours.

Price: $269 (OUT OF STOCK)
Manufacturer: KLON, LLC
Voltage: 9 VDC
Color: Red