Hey 2018

Hi Everyone,

It’s 2018. Stompbox Sonic begins making its way around the sun towards our ninth year of existence. How about a look back to a highlight from year eight (last year)?

As you may have heard we did a little birthday thing with 200 pedals, some Space Echoes, and tube reverbs, and a bunch of amps.  We invited a few friends over to Q Division Studios to have fun making sense of it all. The gang from Demovids made a mini-documentary of the night and I penned a blog thing to recap the experience.

As you can imagine there was a ton of great audio & video recorded. Rafi Sofer, head engineer at the Q, put together this music video to accompany Jason Sanford’s performance. Jason is an accomplished musician, artist, sculptor that is no stranger to making captivating sounds from found materials and unanticipated environments. He builds his own instruments and performs with Neptune and  E. His improvised piece from our October birthday is artful and ambient. Rafi’s eyes are as adept as his ears. Here the visuals he chooses and the gradual shift compliment the music so well. Check it out:

More of Rafi’s videos (and his own musical compositions) can be found here.