“I ended up using it on all the tracks.”

“I wanted to say thanks for the fuzz pedals Adam brought by for us when I was looking to finish up guitar parts on our upcoming Spectramotiv record. As you know I’m really particular about fuzzes (I was the one that did the ‘fuzz tasting’ with Adam back in the early days of Stompbox Sonic – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2k0MBZKmno) I was asking him what he had that uncentered bias spittiness like the Gibson Maestro I used to have. He brought the Blackout Fubar fuzz that I’d tried in the past and liked along with some Earthquaker and Old Blood noise pedals. None of these quite fit what I was looking for but fortunately he’d also brought along a Geiger Counter out of his personal collection.  That thing isn’t really a fuzz at all – but his instincts were spot on. I ended up using it on all the tracks. So glad he got me past what I thought I wanted and on to something that fit the bill perfectly.”-Andrew Abrahamson (Spectramotiv/NXOR)