Saturday August 10th 2013 at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA

13 of Boston’s newest & exciting psych/shoe gazers unite for a full day of wild, glorious sound. Similar to the bi-annual Deep Heaven Now fests, the Fuzzstival assembles an effects heavy assortment of the area’s young fuzz guns. Let this be the first of many!

A few of the bands were kind enough to share a snapshot of their tone secrets. Guillermo Sexo and Moniker provided some nice in-the-studio shots while New Highway Hymnal and the Nice Guys show us the fuzz. Take a look!

At the end of this post check out the streaming mix tape of all the bands performing (except the recently formed and as yet unrecorded Ghost Modern) courtesy of Vanayaland.

Guillermo Sexo effects pedals New Highway Hymnal Maestro Fuzz Tone Nice Guys DBA Fuzz War Socrates from Moniker guitar effects