Foxcatcher is the result of a six month trial and study. After a variety of breadboard builds and circuit explorations, we finally decided to clear the breadboard and start with a circuit that we loved, the Bluesbreaker. From there, we began changing and adding to the base circuit. The first of which was a slight change to the tone section and the addition of the Nature knob. From there, we added an output buffer and true bypass stylings. From the start, we wanted to have an independent boost section on the pedal. That decision was easy, our Gravity Bomb (you can read more about Gravity Bomb here). Once real world testing was in full swing, we started showing friends, family and local dealers. Taking everyones critiques in to consideration, we added an effect order toggle switch. Lastly, we incorporated a Burr Brown audiophile op amp and made it so that Foxcatcher can receive up to 18 volts. This allows for even more clarity.

VOLUME – Controls the overall output volume.

TONE – Controls the overall brightness. Adjust to taste.

NATURE – The “magic” knob! Use in conjunction with Tone and Drive to sculpt a glassier, tube-driven effect.

DRIVE – Controls the amount of overdrive. Get gritty while adding sustain.

FIRST TOGGLE – Determines whether the boost is pre (adds gain) or post (adds volume) to the drive circuit.

BOOST KNOB – Controls the desired boost amount when the right footswitch is engaged.

9V-18V – Standard 5.5mm x 2.1mm center negative power supply. Foxcatcher has internal polarity protection. 18V is recommended for the “always on” player for it’s added clarity.

The Foxcatcher, like all Copppersound pedals are made in Easton, MA

Price: $199
Manufacturer: Coppersound
Voltage: 9-18VDC: At 9V: 35mA Consumption. At 18V: 55mA Consumption
Dimensions: 4.5″ x 3.5″ x 1.4″
Color: Copper