Favorite Music: 2016

For our year end musical recap we limit the list to 10 albums. There is never a shortage of sounds that are enjoyable, inspiring or that bring comfort. Narrowing the list is always a challenge, a fun one, but one that requires much consternation. To help with the decision making, we have a self-imposed no reissue rule. So those incredible box sets from Lush, Luna and Boris had to be sidelined. Rest assured they saw plenty of time on the turntable.

So about those 10  new albums…well, 2016 seemed to warrant a somewhat longer list. So, here our 16 of our favorite albums. Our existence the past 365 days certainly benefited from the magic contained within these records. And the brilliance of the music will continue well beyond.

1) Travis –Everything At Once

2) PJ Harvey –Hope Six Demolition Project

3) Britta Phillips – Luck or Magic

4)   Dinosaur Jr – Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not

5) Helms Alee –Stillicide

6) Thalia Zedek –Eve

7) Radiohead –A Moon Shaped Pool

8) Emma Ruth Rundle –Marked For Death

9) Ghost Box Orchestra –High Plaine

10) Rob Noyes –Feudal Spirit

11) Julie Ruin –Hit Reset

12) Russia Circles –Guidance

13) Taco Cat –Lost Time

14) Mono –Requiem for Hell

15) David Bowie –Blackstar